Boho Chic: The Best Colors and Patterns to Try

Boho, (short for Bohemian) isn’t just a buzzword. It can be a fun and bright design lifestyle.

Unconventional yet personal, bright yet earthy, following Boho design has one rule: you’re the boss.

If you’re keen on free-spirited design and eschew the traditional for the eclectic and carefree, Boho is for you.

There’s no one way to incorporate Boho design into your home. It’s all about choosing what you like best and mixing it together — pattern on pattern, different textures, nature motifs, layers of different materials. And decorating your home with all the ethnic art you have collected in your world travels. That’s Boho.

Bright patterns against reclaimed wood floors? That’s Boho, too.

Sweetgrass baskets layered on a wall hovering over a sleek, modern crisp-white desk that showcases the wooden statues you found on your honeymoon in Thailand? Yes, that’s Boho as well.

Here’s a closer look at some of the top colors and patterns to consider when incorporating a Boho aesthetic into any space.

Colors Galore

If you love rich colors, and combining patterns, you’ll love Boho design. And again, really anything goes. Here are a few of our favorites to jump-start your Boho color revolution.

Red and Orange Combo

A dynamic red paired with rich oranges complements the Boho aesthetic perfectly.

Rust or even bright reds cheerfully complement wicker or rattan furniture. 

Red is a Boho mainstay, often found on eclectic rugs, pillows, and blankets.

Dreamy Teal Blue, shades of Green 

Blue may not give off a Boho vibe in your mind, but pick the right blue and it will fit in perfectly with any Boho room refresh.

Look for a soothing teal, a deep ocean blue, or even a light Parisian blue and all will seamlessly fit into Bohemian design. Lay it over deep forest Greens or a bright apple green.  

Burnt Orange and Deep Brown

Lush oranges and earthy browns make for the perfect Boho accents, in everything from pillows to bedstands to wallpaper and paint.

Find ways to incorporate the color without having it dominate the room, like in color-blocked books on a shelf or a rich orange that complements well-worn brown leather chairs.

Other fantastic colors for Boho design: dark greens, fiery oranges, metallic silver, terracotta, cream white, and beige.


Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

As is the case with the above colors, feel free to mix up different patterns, especially ethnic favorites — it’s a hallmark of Boho design. Batik, Ikat, Indian block prints, mid-Century prints. It all works. 

Pattern mash-ups may feel counterintuitive, but they are part of the key to an authentic Boho look in any room. Here are a few pattern approaches to try. 

Start With a Heavily Patterned Rug

When picking out a Boho rug, it’s not so much about the color as it is finding an eclectic pattern.

The color can be bright red or purple or a more natural green or brown — even gray or white. It’s the pattern that counts, and there’s a lot to choose from.

Consider a white-and-blue geometric design or a full-on brightly colored orange and green oriental-style option.

Layer Patterns to Your Heart’s Content

Boho design is supposed to look slightly unruly, and picking the right patterns and textures — and combining them — is key.

If you have a traditional white fabric couch, touch it up with a set of kilim-patterned pillows.

Try that zebra-print chaise lounge chair you were afraid to buy. It belongs in your Boho living room covered by a bright orange blanket.

Go Bold

You can never be too bold and bright with Boho patterns, even when mixing them together.

Try stark geometric lines or big triangles, hexagons, or diamonds. Chevron and ombre patterns work extremely well, especially in bright colors.

Southwestern desert style is a welcome touch to any Boho environment.

Go bold, go big, and don’t look back.

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